String Lab


  • $10.00

Top string, for tournament players and great hitters. After two years of tests and developments, we believe that Tournament is the string that can boast the stability of the highest tension among those on the market.

Built in Alfa Olefine, the latest generation mono, with the addition of metal ionomers that increase its resilience, while the external PEEK coating neither guarantees resistance and tension retention.

PEEK is a thermoplastic material derived from medical technology, also used for space missions, as it gives the strinf constant physical properties with an accentuated control.

In the lab, in a stress test, the string has been shown to lose tension less than 15% compared to mono quality and similar characteristics.

Excellent for hybrid solutions.

Excellent snapback effect, the string returns to the initial position very quickly after the shot, generating further effects. Recommended low tensions, maximum 23kg