Island Life

  • $125.00

Margaritaville 'Island Life' Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The 'Island Life' Margaritaville Pickleball Paddle has a graphite face and polymer core which combine to provide clean, perceptible impact with consistent touch. What makes it more than a collectable? Under the Jimmy Buffet-themed graphics this is a HEAD Radical Tour GR paddle. The paddle is intended primarily for power players who want more weight in their swings but don't want to lose out on precision control either. Thanks to the spin-textured surface and optimized construction, you'll appreciate the ability to add more spin to shots and quickly redirect pickleballs on the fly.

The Margaritaville 'Island Life' Pickleball Paddle weighs 7.9 oz., on average, and at 16" long provides good reach so you will cover the court well. The handle is 5" long with a thin circumference and inlaid with EVA foam for maximum comfort and a vibration dampening effect. HEAD Pickleball designed this paddle with effective weight distribution so that it resists twisting or toqueing in the hand and provides an even feel during play.

The Margaritaville 'Island Life' Paddle by HEAD Pickleball will make winning points feel as smooth as an ocean breeze with its dynamic and versatile design.