Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour

  • $10.00

All Tourna Big Hitter Strings are made in Germany using an advanced polyethylene string formulation. This provides a much softer string that absorbs shock and increases comfort, whilst retaining incredible durability and power.

Perfect for powerful hitters and string breakers, specifically designed for a high level of durability, this allows players to go for a smaller gauge of string which adds extra pressure on the ball on contact to enhance accuracy.

Big Hitter Silver 16 Gauge Racket String is designed for big hitters that will probably tend to break a lot of strings. The high level of durability in this string allows the player to play with thinner strings, meaning that the thinner strings will grip onto the ball significantly stronger than thicker ones, allowing for much more control. So now you can bump up the control and power whilst also adding a lot more to the durability of the life of your string.